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The New Intelligent Irrigation Controller

How It Works

Irrigation Controller

The ADDA Controller will manage your water usage by automatically controlling and adjusting the watering schedule, frequency, and the amount of water that is used.

Our Intelligent Irrigation System provides: Water saving – only WHAT plants need. On-time watering – only WHEN plants need.

€ 120.99

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Why choose the
Intelligent Irrigation Controller

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Save Water

Using ADDA smart technology to feed your plants the exact amount of water they need, when they need it. Reducing over and under watering.

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Save Time

Program your watering zone defaults using an easy-to-use mobile app, then the smart programmer adjusts the watering schedule based on weather and environmental data.

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Save Money

Less water waste means big savings. No need to travel to your home to adjust your watering schedule, control it all from our smart app.

The Mobile App

Quick start-up software application for Android (ver. 5.0 or later) and iOS (ver. 11 or later) to configure and manage the watering system. User-friendly interface, easy adjustable watering parameters and generated reports.

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