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ADDA Features

Support of different watering types (drip irrigation, spray, sprinkling).

Long life failure free operation through monitoring of water valves and pipes states.

Adjustment of watering schedule for each zone depending on its specific character (plant type, soil type, shade etc.)

User-friendly mobile application to configure irrigation system from a smartphone or tablet.

Reduction of water losses and maintenance expenses through water consumption control.

Timely notification of emergencies in the irrigation system.

Efficient use of water through various irrigation modes: smart, scheduled, manual.

Easy installation of ADDA devices to reduce time and costs.

Weather adjustment comprising weather history data and forecast, sunrise and sunset times, seasonal factors.

Reliable data exchange through up-to-date communication technologies.

ADDA System Structure

A perfectly synced system, for the best watering experience.



GSM communication with Control Center. Exchange of latest water consumption data, system states, alarms etc. Continuous synchronization with weather data.

BLE 5.0

Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication module the local interface between mobile application and irrigation system. It features reading, configuring and editing system parameters (watering zones, schedules etc.), reading of water consumption, manual control of valves.

Two-wire Connection

Stable and independent communication channel between all system components based on two-wire connection.

Smart App / System

  • Installation wizard for system configuration.
  • Graphic and table presentation of water consumption and weather data.
  • User-friendly interface, easy adjustable watering parameters and reports.