Intelligent Irrigation Controller

The ADDA Controller will manage your water usage by automatically controlling and adjusting the watering schedule, frequency, and the amount of water that is used.



  • Support of different watering types (drip irrigation, spray, sprinkling).
  • Adjustment of watering schedule for each zone depending on its specific character (plant type, soil type, shade etc.).
  • Reduction of water losses and maintenance expenses through water consumption control.
  • Efficient use of water through various irrigation modes: smart, scheduled, manual.
  • Weather adjustment comprising weather history data and forecast, sunrise and sunset times, seasonal factors.
  • Long life failure free operation through monitoring of water valves and pipes states.


  • Adjusts the watering schedule according to weather data from Control center
  • Manages independently 6 irrigation zones
  • Manages up to 15 valve controllers, allowing watering of up to 126 irrigation zones
  • Monitors water consumption.
  • Monitors performance of system components.
  • Generates Alarms in emergency cases
  • Indicates various states of Irrigation System.
  • Stops irrigation in case of Rain (in case if Rain Sensor installed)